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  • Photoshoots | Sparkieandceres

    PHOTO PROJECTS We are experienced convention meet runners and organise out-of-con photoshoots. Below is a small selection of our out-of-con projects. World of Teyvat Shoot Gunnersbury Park | 2022 Mondstadt Shoot Milton Keynes Museum | 2023 Sumeru Shoot London | 2023

  • Guesting and Judging | Sparkieandceres

    Guesting and Judging We have experience as competition hosts and judges, as well as competitive experience in cosplay. Please feel free to contact us directly for more information. ​ Hosting and Judging | Judging Skills | Organisation Experience | Competitions Contact Us Since 2022 Hosting and Judging Mariam and Tabby have been both hosting and judging cosplay masquerades since 2022. Most frequently, this is as Guild of Nerds members at Megacons. Judging Skills We have complimentary skill sets, with the vast majority of cosplay-relevant specialisms covered between us. Sewing and Embroidery With over a decade of sewing experience, Mariam is skilled when working with a range of materials and fabric techniques. She patterns most of her own projects and has been commissioned by a Natonal Portfolio Organisation as well as being on the BBC's Stitch, Please! Mariam also has experience creating and using digital embroidery files. Foam Work and Props Tabby has been working with foam and armour for over fifteen years, with a wealth of knowledge on these techniques and materials. As an archaeologist, she has previous published a research study on thermoplastics. Tabby also has experience with 3D modelling and printing, as well as metalwork and a range of historical techniques Wig Styling Both Tabby and Mariam have been styling Yu-Gi-Oh wigs for a number of years now. They are familiar with many of the relevant techniques. Since 2016 Competition Experience We have been competing since 2016. This includes masquerades and international qualifiers. Acolades include winning the MCM cosplay masquerade, Best Performance at Insomnia's AC15 and C4 qualifier runner-up. ​ Feel free to contact us for more information about stage and competition experience. Contact Us Since 2022 Organisation Experience We were a part of the cosplay team responsible for putting together the Cosplay Championships and Masquerade at Comic Con Wales. The events were very well received, with shining feedback for our team. We collected feedback with an online form which we are happy to share upon request. ​ We both also have a wealth of non-cosplay related professional event management and organisation experience, CVs available on request.

  • Video Archive | Sparkieandceres

    Video Archive Videos from our panels , vlogs and skits Panels Panels Play Video Play Video 30:31 Birds and Friends Hotarucon 2022 Cosplay Chess! Cosplay Chess at Hotarucon 2022! Hosted by @thesparkofrevolution and @cereselcosplay ! Thank you to all our lovely cosplayers! They were: XLadyOniX Robotjellyfish shadowofshinra Pharaohnilly Spirit Of The Stage (insta - chromusrukyino) Noire chu2pyon (insta) Oni-91 Swampsloth (insta) The Cerise Queen (insta - Cerise_queen_cosplays ) Aotorioni Manga Girl (insta - @mangagirl232 ) Teshouu Em Vali J0y.cos (insta) #cosplay #cosplayers #cosplaychess #hotarucon #ukcosplay #ukcosplayers #ukcosplaychess Play Video Play Video 49:23 Birds and Friends Buying Cosplay like a Pro @ MCM London May 2022 A panel run by thesparkofrevolution and cereselcosplay at London MCM May 2022 The purpose of this panel was to discuss tips and tricks for buying and altering bought cosplay, as well as the impact of social media and fast fashion on the hobby, and sustainability tips! Play Video Play Video 51:53 Birds and Friends Diversity in Cosplay @ May MCM London 2022 A panel run at London MCM in May 2022 featuring an hour long Q&A session on diversity in the cosplay community. Thank you to everyone who attended and everyone who was on the panel! Panellists: promised.cos streetangel8 cereselcosplay scarlet_uzumaki_ hijabihooligan capcochcosplay honeysenqai Play Video Play Video 49:28 Birds and Friends How to Cosplay on a Budget I ran a panel at MCM London in October 2019, which was a pretty cool experience! This panel is on how to budget your cosplays so you aren't spending money you don't have! I hope it is helpful? Please give me feedback if you have any! A massive thank you to Sharky_cole for filming this, and a massive shout out to d.blarg354 for photos! Play Video Play Video 57:58 Birds and Friends Cosplay Makeup For Noobs- Hibanacon 2019 A panel I ran at Hibanacon 2019, presented by a makeup newbie specifically for other makeup newbies because I find skilled makeup artist tutorials difficult to follow! Hopefully some of this info will be helpful for you! Thank you to Alchemist Photographic for filming this! Play Video Play Video 58:25 Birds and Friends Mythology in Fate This is my panel from Minamicon 2019 which is basically me yelling about mythology used in Fate and trying to make it engaging! I'd like to thank everyone who attended the panel and Alchemist Photographic for filming it! I hope you all enjoy! Play Video Play Video 46:19 Birds and Friends Percy Jackson's and Annabeth Chase's Guide to Greek Mythology: Zenakikon 2016 Here is our Percy Jackson panel from Zenkaikon this year! We came up with this at Saikoucon at 1am and I cannot believe we got accepted and actually DID the panel! Thank you to everyone who came out to the panel and asked us questions, you were all great! Thanks for watching! Filmed by: luckydicekirby and fallingfish (thank you guys so much!) Cast: Percy: heirofbreath-stacked Annabeth: empireofmagicuk Piper: luckygandor Clarisse: gemiinii24 Rachel: cerulean-neuf Will: blitztalon Leo: chalked-equality Thallia: prince-dreemurrr Hylla: theleagueofhearts Reyna: midcastemothergrub Jason: fresh-breath-of-heir Octavian: callofthewilde Apollo: intergalacticseas Nico: thesparkofrevolution Play Video Play Video 45:01 Birds and Friends Mythology in Anime and Manga (Zenkaikon 2016) Here is my panel from Zenkaikon this year! I have been running this panel for three years and I finally got it recorded (this panel has been cursed when it comes to recording). Anyway thanks to everyone who came to the panel! If you have any questions, feel free to message me on tumblr I'm thesparkofrevolution! Play Video Play Video 56:12 Birds and Friends Ask a Homestuck Troll: Dancestors Edition (Zenkaikon 2015) Here is the last in the trilogy of Homestuck panels at Zenkaikon 2015! Thanks to everyone who came to see it and everyone who was in it! Video: findingschmomo John: Vriska: Gamzee: equiuszacock Damara: Rufioh: obsessiveartisan Mituna: youcantfightthehomestuck Kankri: thesparkofrevolution Meulin: snafutype Porrim: themidnghtpost Latula: Aranea: araneaserket- Horuss: redisarevolution Kurloz: blitztalon Cronus: Meenah: cerulean-neuf Load More Vlogs Full Playlist here Skits Click on the images below to go to our youtube playlist

  • May 28th

    May 28th Client: Beyond the Frame Year: 2023 This is placeholder text. To change this content, double-click on the element and click Change Content. To manage all your collections, click on the Content Manager button in the Add panel on the left. Previous Next

  • Services | Sparkieandceres

    Panels Dozens of panels, in multiple languages Cosplay Guesting Judging, hosting and back-stage organisation experience Other Art shop, and astronomy or Japanese language workshops for your event

  • Henna Designs | Sparkieandceres

    Henna Designs Henna art is priced at £5 - £10 for traditional designs, £10 - £20 for themed designs (plus £5 commission for custom designs) ​ All designs are priced individually within these ranges, by complexity. ​ Traditional, Tier 1 - Traditional, Tier 2 - Themed, Tier 1 - Themed, Tier 2 - Customisation Traditional - Tier 1 Simple designs, taking around 5-10 minutes of your con day. These are for inspiration and can be modified within the same complexity level. Add a Title Add a Title Add a Title Add a Title Add a Title Add a Title Add a Title Add a Title Add a Title Traditional - Tier 2 More complicated designs, taking around 15 - 20 minutes of your con day. These are for inspiration and can be modified within the same complexity level. Add a Title Add a Title Add a Title Add a Title Add a Title Add a Title Add a Title Add a Title Add a Title Themed - Tier 1 Simpler designs, representing the media you love. Takes 5 - 10 minutes of your con day. Add a Title Add a Title Add a Title Add a Title Add a Title Add a Title Add a Title Add a Title Add a Title Themed - Tier 2 More complicated designs, representing the media you love. Takes 15 - 20 minutes of your con day. Add a Title Add a Title Add a Title Add a Title Add a Title Add a Title Add a Title Add a Title Add a Title Customisation Available Tell me what you want, book a timeslot and come back later to see if you like my sketch. 50% deposit required - fully refundable if, when you return in your timeslot to see the design, you decide not to go ahead with the art.

  • Other | Sparkieandceres

    Top of Page Art Shop Astronomy Workshops Japanese Language Mythology & Classics Workshops Henna Other Art shop - Astronomy workshops - Japanese workshops - Mythology & Classics workshops - Henna Art Art shop Tabby has an art shop which can be found here: The Spark of Revolution Art The Spark of Revolution Art Astronomy Workshops Mariam frequently delivers astronomy outreach workshops. We can work with you to offer astronomy or astrophysics panels or workshops suited to your audience and event. For more information, please feel free to contact us Contact Us Japanese Language Workshops Mariam is fluent in Japanese and has been teaching it since 2020. She can deliver beginners language worshops at your event. For more information, please feel free to contact us directly Contact Us Mythology & Classics Workshops Tabby offers a range of archaeology and classical languages based panels to both kids and adults. Tabby has done coin conservation for the money and medals network, coin storage and cleaning for medal detectorists, Roman coin identification for metal detectorists, and Latin poetry for the young archaeologists club. We can work with you to offer mythology or classics workshops suited to your audience and needs. For more information, please feel free to contact us Contact Us Henna Art Mariam is a henna artist with experience providing henna for numerous balls. ​ Designs and pricing information are available on request.

  • Meet Us | Sparkieandceres

    Meet Us Thesparkofrevolution Tabby My name is Tabby, I’m an archaeology curator and collections conservator for a museum. I love anime and videogames, and I’ve been making my own costumes, and cosplaying at conventions since 2006! As someone who grew up doing papier mâché, painting, ceramics, and sewing as after school activities, cosplay was the natural hobby progression for me. Cosplay is a great hobby because it allows you to express yourself in ways which other expressive art forms (like fashion for instance) do not allow. Cosplay for me is not just about the costume, it is about how you wear the outfit, how you carry the props, how pieces of your costume move as you walk, etc. It’s a multi-faceted and dynamic experience which brings together a love of fashion, theatre, and crafting all in one! As a cosplayer, I aim to make all of my costumes from scratch. While I love to sew, my real passion is in armour making and prop building. My goal when making costumes is to focus on incorporating novel materials (such as using aspects of metalworking in costumes), and also to use as much recycled materials as possible. I like to look at the shapes of costumes, and find historic, real-world examples of designs from various ancient civilisations. I have also recently gotten into competing in skit based competitions, which I thoroughly enjoy. ​ I think community building is a very important part of cosplay. The sub-culture of cosplaying and attending conventions has blossomed and spread massively in the past decade, and it is important to continue to support new cosplayers coming into the hobby, but also to make sure that cosplay remains a safe space for those who participate in it. To this end, I am very vocal in the community regarding accessibility at events, and approaching conventions regarding stricter anti-bullying and anti-racism policies at events. In 2021, I petitioned every single convention in the UK to include an ‘anti-black-facing’ statement in their cosplay rules. Running panels is one of my favourite convention activities. I like to aim these panels towards new members of the community, and make the hobby more accessible and less intimidating. I also like to run fandom meets, as these are a great opportunity for cosplayers to socialise and also make memories at a convention. By facilitating both panels and meets, I am able to give back to this community! CereselCosplay Mariam she/her I am an Astrophysics PhD student based in the north of England, though I often travel around the country for conventions. I love all things space related, and do a lot of outreach work to share that love! ​ I've been sewing for over a decade - my mother was a seamstress, so the skill was something I learned very early on. I feel very strongly about sustainability and fast fashion, and love to make my own clothes as well as upcycle old ones whenever I can. I love making my own costumes, both for this reason and because I think it allows for extra creativity! Choosing fun fabrics, or interesting ways to pattern a garment, can be a really exciting part of any project. It also allows me to make modest fashion considerations wherever necessary - as a Muslim woman, store-bought costumes often don't cater to my needs, ​ I've recently gotten into competing and have been enjoying every aspect of it! The stage performance side was not something I'd given much though to before, but as someone with both theatre and television experience I've found bringing that to my cosplay has been really rewarding. ​ For competition, I've also been looking at making armour and props. Though sewing is my speciality, it's been wonderful having the chance to go back to 3d work - I grew up making characters out of jam jars and funnily shaped sticks with copious amounts of paper machie, glue and paint. Learning to work with foam, thermoplastics and 3D prints has been the high-budget version of these projects that I know my younger self would approve of! ​ I love going to conventions all around the world with my friends, and making new friends while we're there! The furthest I've been is probably Japan's Comiket (Comic Market). I'm fluent in Japanese and happy to bring language workshops to events, as well as space or astronomy ones. ​ Diversity is incredibly important to me. Growing up as a huge fan of anime and Japanese video games, I never really considered cosplay as something I could do or 'pull off'. It took a few frank words from Tabby for me to see that I didn't have to be white to enjoy the hobby. I care immensely about spreading that message to other young people! ​ ​

  • World Of Teyvat Shoot | Sparkieandceres

    World of Teyvat Shoot Gunnersbury Park, 2022 (with written permissio n to use the space). ​ This event was run as a photo project, with a sing le cosplayer for each character (allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis). The aim was to gather cosplayers for the entire playable cast of Genshin Impact. ​ We like to make these events fun days out for the community - we baked genshin themed cookies and compiled the photos from the day into a photobook after the shoot (see below gallery). ​ Cosplayer and Photographer credits in pages 3 and 4 below.

  • Mondstadt Shoot | Sparkieandceres

    Mondstadt Shoot Milton Keynes Museum | 2023 ​ This event was run as a photo project, with a sing le cosplayer for each character (allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis). ​ The venue was the Milton Keynes museum - a Victorian farmhouse that has been turned into a museum. It features: the Victorian house a reconstructed Victorian street of shops (with tavern) parlour and music room (plenty of books) beautiful gardens and more! The aim was to gather a small group of cospla yers from Genshin Impact's Mondstadt Region to test the space as a photo location

  • Cosplay | Sparkie And Ceres | United Kingdom

    Sparkie & Ceres C O S P L A Y WELCOME We are Tabatha (TheSparkofRevolution) and Mariam (Cereselcosplay) - a duo cosplay team with over fifteen years of experience attending and panelling at conventions around the world. We care deeply about diversity in the cosplay community and offer a range of panels and services to help you make an event that represents your audience. Our costumes, the panels we can host and other information can all be found on this website. About Meet Us Our Services Cosplay Showcase More → Panels Panels Play Video Share Whole Channel This Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Link Copied Search video... Now Playing Hotarucon 2022 Cosplay Chess! 30:31 Play Video Now Playing Buying Cosplay like a Pro @ MCM London May 2022 49:23 Play Video Now Playing Diversity in Cosplay @ May MCM London 2022 51:53 Play Video

  • Contact | Sparkieandceres

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