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Guesting and Judging

We have experience as competition hosts and judges, as well as competitive experience in cosplay. Please feel free to contact us directly for more information.

Hosting and Judging  |  Judging Skills  |  Organisation Experience  |  Competitions

Since 2022

Hosting and Judging

Mariam and Tabby have been both hosting and judging cosplay masquerades since 2022. Most frequently, this is as Guild of Nerds members at Megacons. 

Judging Skills

We have complimentary skill sets, with the vast majority of cosplay-relevant specialisms covered between us.


Sewing and Embroidery

With over a decade of sewing experience, Mariam is skilled when working with a range of materials and fabric techniques. She patterns most of her own projects and has been commissioned by a Natonal Portfolio Organisation as well as being on the BBC's Stitch, Please! Mariam also has experience creating and using digital embroidery files. 


Foam Work and Props

Tabby has been working with foam and armour for over fifteen years, with a wealth of knowledge on these techniques and materials. As an archaeologist, she has previous published a research study on thermoplastics. Tabby also has experience with 3D modelling and printing, as well as metalwork and a range of historical techniques

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Wig Styling

Both Tabby and Mariam have been styling Yu-Gi-Oh wigs for a number of years now. They are familiar with many of the relevant techniques.

Since 2016

Competition Experience

We have been competing since 2016. This includes masquerades and international qualifiers. Acolades include winning the MCM cosplay masquerade, Best Performance at Insomnia's AC15 and C4 qualifier runner-up.

Feel free to contact us for more information about stage and competition experience.


Since 2022

Organisation Experience

We were a part of the cosplay team responsible for putting together the Cosplay Championships and Masquerade at Comic Con Wales. The events were very well received, with shining feedback for our team. We collected feedback with an online form which we are happy to share upon request.

We both also have a wealth of non-cosplay related professional event management and organisation experience, CVs available on request.

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